Cisco IP Phone 7841

Does anyone know if there are any issues with using the above phone? Is there anyone using these today with FreePBX?

So far, I’m striking out with the 7841 phones. I purchased three as a test run — upgrading from 504 — but have thus far been unable to get anywhere with them. Granted, I’ve only been at it since this AM, but I haven’t been able to find anything of help.

How is your quest coming 7 days later? Any luck? Did you at least see that the SIP files needed to be loaded via TFTP? <== and that’s where my journey ends.

Quick update: it looks like Cisco has refused to assist with getting the 78xx series running on any servers besides their Unified Communications Manager platform. So far, you and I seem to be the only ones even discussing the 78xx series online. I’m guessing I’ll be spending the rest of today and this weekend trying to figure out if it’s possible to “hack” — using that loosely — these phones to port them over to my Asterisk server.

I much prefer piggy backing off of others work, but I suppose I’m up for the challenge. :smile:

Let me know if your research uncovers anything.

I also tried to get some documentation from our Cisco resource on how to get these setup as a SIP only device with Asterisk but so far came up empty handed.

Luckily, the phones i have been working with are demo phones from Cisco so I will put them back in the box and ship them back to Cisco and not waste any more of my time. Its funny how Cisco knew that I was looking for a phone to use with FreePBX and they managed to send me a phone that has never been tested with it.

I currently have a Cisco SPA514G on my desk which was super easy to setup. I guess we’ll just stick with that model as our standard.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Hey i managed to get the 7841 configured. You have to do it in Endpoint Manager. That’s the only way to configure the phone by the looks of it.

Enable the Cisco 7841 in the list and that should do the trick. I’m still trying to figure how to manually update the firmware as Endpoint manager doesn’t an option to download new firmware for that phone and it is a couple of versions back.

But so far, i have both phones configured with an extensions and working. One issue that I can across is with 3-way calling, it doesn’t seem to work right now so hopefully the newer firmware will fix this.

Eric, did you use the Commercial EPM or the free version to provision them, I know this topic its been out here for awhile but I just got some 7841 and is ridiculous how there’s still very little information about them.

Hi Manny, I ended up returning the demo phones I had and we purchased the Grandstream GXP2140’s instead. They’ve been working very well for us.

Oh darn it LOL, I was hoping somebody figure it out. Im gonna check into those Grandstream.

Thanks again. Have a good one.