Cisco enterprise dialplan question (Commercial Endpoint Manager)

Where would I globally change the dialplan for all of my Cisco 7961 phones. I am trying to change the timeout from 2 to 4 or 5 seconds. I know I can change it in each SEP$.cnf.xml file but I am afraid that it will be overwritten if we make other changes in Endpoint Manager. We have the commercial Endpoint Manager.

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You need to specify a dialplan file to load in you SEP$.cnf.xml file, The dialplan.xml file looks like the one below. Replace [ with < and ] with >

If all the phones use the same dial plan, you can change the “dialTemplate” by editing the basefile for that phone model in endpoint manager. Advanced>Basefile Edit>

[TEMPLATE MATCH=“1…” TIMEOUT=“1”/][!-- Internal extensions 100 to 199. Wait 1 second, then dial --]
[TEMPLATE MATCH="…" TIMEOUT=“1”/][!-- 7 digits. Wait 1 second, then dial --]
[TEMPLATE MATCH="…" TIMEOUT=“1”/][!-- 10 digits. Dial immediately --]
[TEMPLATE MATCH=“1…” TIMEOUT=“0”/][!-- 1+10 digits. Dial immediately --]
[TEMPLATE MATCH="*86" TIMEOUT=“0”/][!-- 86 (VM for voicemail). Dial immediately --]
#" TIMEOUT=“0” REWRITE="%1"/][!-- Dial Immediately After Pressing # --]
" TIMEOUT=“5”/] [!-- Anything else. Wait 5 seconds, then dial --]

@tletourneau there is some information on basefile editing within EPM, in the wiki

Ok, I’m revisiting an old subject but I still am having a problem with this. I have the following entry in the FreePBX interface for the basefile for the 7961g’s:

?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?
TEMPLATE MATCH="*" Timeout=“2” User=“Phone” /

I’ve removed the <> so it would display correctly.

When I click on it it brings up a dialog and I try to change the timeout to 5 and the setting does not take. It goes back to 2, I have tried removing and re-adding the parameter but the timeout goes to 2 every time. What am I missing? I am using the latest non-beta commercial EPM.

similar problem here. The issue I have is that with 7960’s and 7940’s which also use the dialplan.xml file, there is no option to edit it in the basefile options for those model phones which are the only models I actually have in this particular system. If I modify the dialplan.xml file manually, it gets overwritten to default every time I rebuild phone configs for an extension. If I edit it in basefile editor and choose a different model phone to get at the settings, such as a 7961, the change saves in the basefile edit in the EPM gui, but the file still gets written with the previous defaults - namely the silly 2 second dial delay default. Any other way to update this file and not have EPM overwrite it erroneously? I am ready to make it immutable.