Cisco cucm to freepbx paging

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Hello Friends,
i have cisco cucm and freepbx
cucm is used for regular phone system
freepbx i want to use it for pagging for emergency announcements during fire or some unwanted incident
i have configured everything in cucm and freepbx
cucm phones are registered and working fine, trunk between freepbx and cucm working fine when i dial the freepbx number from the phone registered to cucm everything works fine but when i dial from freepbx to cucm the call connects but no voice ( this no my priority as i can dial from cucm to freepbx but if any solution please let me know)
Now the real problem i am facing is that when i dial the pagging group number from cucm i am getting the error that service is not registered but at the same time when i dial paging group number form freepbx extension its working fine and all the SIP speaker are able to dilver the message.
Any help ???


Set the context for the trunk from cucm to from-internal .
If no luck, paste the Asterisk log for a failed call at and post the link here.

For the no audio case, confirm that in Asterisk SIP Settings, External Address and Local Networks are correctly set. If no luck, paste the log, with
pjsip set logger on
sip set debug on
enabled at the Asterisk command prompt.

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Hello Stewat

This is the pastebin for call done from freepbx to cucm in which there is no audio

This is the pastebin for call done from cucm to paging group number which is not working
i tried looking for context in cucm but here was no such option, there is can option call classification which i had set to on net. If there is something i am missing please let me know.

i have checked the external address which is auto detech and the local network i have set manually so it looks fine.
logs sip set debug on logs for call from freepbx to cucm with no audio

logs sip set debug on logs for call from cucm to freepbx paging group number

830 ext is cisco phone registered to cucm
1012 ext is softphone registered to freepbx
1099 is paging group number on freepbx

Please let me know if something is missing

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-- Executing [1099@from-sip-external:1] NoOp("SIP/", "Received incoming SIP connection from unknown peer to 1099") in new stack

This could becomes from many reason (miss configuration DDI, etc), there a lot of topic on FreePBX it may could help you.


On the call to cucm, the trunk is pjsip but you didn’t have
pjsip set logger on
so there is not enough info to troubleshoot the audio.

On the call to the pager:
It appears that you moved chan_sip Bind Port from port 5160 to 5060 and pjsip from 5060 to something else.
However, cucm is sending the call to port 5060, so it is seen by chan_sip instead of pjsip. There is no chan_sip trunk matching the call, so it is seen as guest / anonymous. Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls is apparently on, but anonymous calls are not allowed access to internal feature codes such as paging.

For the call to cucm, paste another log with both sip debug and pjsip logger turned on.

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Hello Stewart
Thanks for your reply
I have changed back the pjsip port number to 5060 and sip port number to 5062 and have restarted the entire server, things suddenly started working fine now the page is working well also call from freepbx to cucm is also working fine.
I really appreciate your help.

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