Cisco CP-9971 phones on FreePBX

I’m using a few Cisco CP-9971 phones with FreePBX. I have other brands of phones, and other Cisco models already in use. With the help of a few articles on this site, I’ve been able to get almost everything I want to work, working. There is however one fairly major thing I need to make work, and one other thing I would like to have working.

First, a little information about my environment:
FreePBX version 15.0.24
Asterisk version 16.29.1
CP-9971 firmware version sip9971.9-4-2 SR 4-1 (the latest I think)

The major thing I want to get working is video calls. A have a couple of video door phones (Fanvil), and one of the main reasons I got the 9971s was to be able to see the door phone video. So far, I have spent countless hours trying to get it to work. Video calls work fine to my Yealink and Grandstream video capable phones.

I have not applied the Cisco patch. Is the patch absolutely necessary to get video working? I would prefer not to patch Asterisk, if I don’t have to. I would like to be able to apply security updates, etc. without having to recompile each time.

The other think I haven’t been able to make work is call parking. Is this another item that requires the Cisco patch?

This brings me to the question of, with all of the great Cisco hardware out there, why not make the patch part of FreePBX? It would be great to have an option somewhere to just toggle the support on and off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank everyone that posted information on this forum about making Cisco phones work with FreePBX.

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I don’t know much about the video capabilities of the Cisco phones using FreePBX although I have a LOT of cisco SIP phones at home working great with FreePBX.

But if you like, you could always setup a second freepbx instance and patch that one to verify if the cisco patch for asterisk is needed for the functions that you want to have.

At my place, I have always a second freepbx vm ready for me to make tests just so I don’t screw up my main/production freepbx installation in the CLI.

Have a great night!
Hope it helped a bit!

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