Cisco CP-7975 and EndPoint Manager


I’m using a FreePBX box together with the infamous Cisco CP-7975G phones and Endpoint Manager. I’ve change the firmware on the (jar75sip.8-5-4TH1-6.sbn.) to support SIP and configured the CP-7975G template on FreePBX.

When the phone boots up and loads the configuration I get “Unprovisioned”. When accessing the phone’s web page, the “Status Messages” section says “Error Verifying Config Info”.

Does anyone have any idea where to even begin the troubleshooting process? I’ve read that this error is consistent with incorrect configuration files, but I can’t imagine what seems to be the issue.


How does the Cisco phone know where the xml-config file is?
Go to network settings and enter the IP of your freePBX server in the TFTP server field. It might be necessary to activate „alternative tftp“ in the network settings of the phone. If it is locked, I think you have to press asterisk # asterisk or similar…

The Cisco 7975 will only partly work with EPM, and here is why…

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the tip, and to answer your question, I’m using DHCP option 66 (i.e.TFTP server name) with my DHCP server.

What I’m seeing in the TFTP logs is that the XML config file gets downloaded to the phone, but after that I get “unprovisioned”.


Then likely the XML is bad

Hi Jared,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Indeed, this is also my impression, but isn’t this a bit strange, since the XML file is automatically generated by the commercial EndPoint Manager extension?

I keep thinking that something else is as fault here, but I can’t put my finger on it.


The xmllint program can tell you if there’s a mis-matched tag or other XML problems with the files.

Also, be clear that some of these phone use Option 150 for the file download link, so you might need to adjust for that as well.

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