Cisco BLF Pickup not working?

hello community.

so free pbx and cisco 7970 ip phones, what a ball ake hay.

but i have the phones sip patched, asterisk patched with the cisco patch.

have the phones working, sending and receiving calls, even have the BLF working. go me.

but i cant get the BLF cal pickup to work.
i have followed this guide
and this

have all the info in and reverent code in the phone xml and the asterisk files.

but when im making a call my blf on another phone goes orange i press this to pick up the call ans get a notify message in asterisk when watching it live with the -rvvvv command.

it says
x-cisco-serviceuri-blfpickup-201’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’

so im figuring that i need to tell asterisk what this x-cisco--------- dose even tho i have
; ----- Group Pickup softkey
exten => pickup,1,Pickup()
same => next,Hangup(normal_circuit_congestion)

in my extensions_custom.conf witch in included in my config file.

i cant seem to figure out what i need to put where, can someone please help me ?