Cisco BLF for Unavailable endpoints

I’ve seen a few posts about BLF on Cisco endpoints but none that seem to answer this question.

We’re using Cisco SPA525G endpoints with the attendant console. BLF is mostly working with one issue, endpoints that are not connected always show with a green lamp. Is there any way to change this so they show orange?

I’m a total beginner with FreePBX/Asterisk so please go slow! Thanks.

The question is, what is the meaning of “unavailable”? It seems not to be a question of SPA525. Once I set an other phone blf’d by the SPA525 to DND, the SPA525 shows red light for this extension.
Simply plugging out a BLF’d phone doesn’t change the green light to red. However this is also true for Yealink phones. The extension still exists even if no phone is plugged in using this extension. In my mind Asterisk/freePBX is not reacting in this way to the available/unavailable-status. Any other opinion here?
Is it possible to set the hint to something like DND once there is no phone connected to an endpoint?

If I create a new extension but don’t connect a device then it shows as orange on my cisco attendant console. If I connect a device, the light on my cisco attendant console goes green (as expected) but it stays green if I disconnect the device (expect it to go orange).

I’m sure I must be misunderstanding how things should work!

When the state changes a NOTIFY is sent to the phone to tell it about the state change. It could also take some time for the location to be removed from memory. So this could be related to how things are configured.

Anyone here who may help me with a cnf.xml sniplet to set up a key for BLF+speeddial+call-pickup on CP8800 series without call-manager?
Currently I’m only able to set speed-dial, but without any green, yellow, red light. Even the line buttom 1 shows green only if the line is used (I would expect green if not used, red if used)

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