Cisco ATA SPA122 vs FreePBX 12.0.37 - SOLVED

Over the weekend my server crashed and the freepbx server went with it. all virtual disks were trashed so had to rebuild!

Freepbx13 here we go.

Then there was the issue of pjsip vs chan_sip. For backward compatibility for Yealink phones, we went with chan_sip.

But now my Cisco ATA SPA122 simply will not access the server. Port has already been changed to 5061 but the cisco Voice status page says

SIP Packets Sent 250
SIP Packer Received 0

I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.

  1. Can ping the server
  2. server can ping the device
  3. using IP so no DNS translation is required.

help me please before we go nuts.


In the Voice Line Registration Settings (or Quick Settings)

The proxy field used to have only the server ip. following some suggestions from youtube I included the port behind in this format:

I also set AuthID to YES even though AUTHID fields were left blank.

Both lines were connected in 2 seconds.

Logs would be really helpful here.

the scary thing is that full logs on the server show nothing.
not even failed authentication.

FreePBX 13? That does not exist in the wild. Do you mean freePBX 12?

Apologies -

FREEPBX 12.0.37

not FreePBX 13

Apologies. It should read

FreePbx 12
Version 12.0.37

There was no difficulty in connecting in earlier versions before the
pjsip/chansip differentiation appeared.

Got confused by reading the other thread.