Cisco ATA 191 to Bogen Amp to Horn - what am I missing to have the ATA auto answer?

Hello, I am a newbie here and looking for some guidance.
I was tasked with adding an intercom option to the warehouse horn for a customer. They use GoTo for VOIP phones and just moved in. The warehouse already has an existing horn. It is a Valcom 1030C.
I have added a line to GoTo and assigned it to a Cisco ATA 191 device. That connects to a Bogen C100 amp that runs to the horn. I have tested a few things but continue to run into an issue. The ATA works fine if I hook up an analog phone. I can take the call. But I need the ATA (or something) to auto answer so it can send the intercom message to the amp and speaker. Is there a component I need between the ATA and the amp? I feel like I am just missing something. Sorry, I am not much of a phone/audio guy…

I saw another chat about something similar.

Looks like the ATA may not be able to auto answer the call, so another device is needed between the ATA and amp. In that case, it was the Viking RAD1 device. Anyone use this before?

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