Cisco-9971 Setup

Hello not sure where to put this at. But I got a new phone in today from a friend of mine a Cisco-9971 I’m trying to program it with my freepbx setup. I’m not sure how to get into the Web GUI i did get a ip address from it. Unlike my other cisco phones I can just go to the ip address and put in the server information then i can get it to work. But with this one I’m not getting no Webpage or unsure what to do next Can someone please help me out?

I can ping the address with no problem but that is all i can do. Someone please help me?
Thank you


You are using a phone that is designed specifically to work with the Cisco UCM/CME. These phones are not really meant to be used with third party systems even though they have the ability it’s usually a pain. So either this phone is trying to call home to a UCM/CME system it can’t find and can’t download it’s CNF.xml file or the phone has it’s web GUI turned off. Perhaps both.

You’re going to need to look at the phone docs and hit up the Cisco forums because this is a Cisco issue not a FreePBX issue.

Hello BlazeStudios i understand it’s not a Freepbx problem i know it’s not a Freepbx problem. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem with not able to bring up the web GUI to work. that’s all.

Or how can i make it work with the Freepbx i tried to look online in a lot of places and so far no luck. I have seen that it can work with Freepbx but not sure how.

Did you see this thread:

this is not bad too:

Hello no i have not seen that first one. I see can edit things. But where, How? The second one i kinda been through that site but got very lost. thank you.

that kinda looks like a XML file.

I found this just now after over 300 webpages for setup.

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Thanks God. so please follow this.

I try to follow the steps and i still can’t figure out how to get the XML file to the phone. Or what to even edit in the XML to make it work.


Again you’re going to have to look at the documentation. You need to know what settings to change, you need to know how to get the template into the phone. You can probably turn on the web GUI through the phone using its screen and keypad to manage the settings. Again, that will require the docs if you don’t know how to manage the phone through the phone itself.

Hello Blaze Sorry i honestly tried to use that program I got so lost on it. Is where a way i can turn on the Web GUI from the phone it’s self?

I doubt the phone has a web interface for configuration. As was already mentioned, these are meant to be provisioned using CUCM.

You mentioned that you have configured other Cisco phones, but if you mean SPA series, then this one is way out of your league. Send it back.

Yes cisco Spa ones i have done. Not sure what a CUCM is? it was a gift from my friend.

Then sell it on eBay and use the money to buy a video phone that you will be able to configure from a web interface, such as the Grandstream GXV3275.

I could do that. But i think i will stick with trying to figure this phone out. Even if it takes forever.

And yes it is a little out of my league i know But I’m still here.

Then this link that was already shared looks like the way to do it -

The problem I’m having is how to upload the xml config file to the phone to get it working on the Freepbx is my problem. Unless i missed something on that site link I will look at it again thank you.