Cisco 8945 - config files

I don’t suppose anyone has a set of config files for a Cisco 8945 desk phone that will work with FreePBX?

Many thanks in advance.

I do, pm me your email

Could I also get a copy of 8945 config files? I’m not sure how to PM on here.

Click the user name or the name of the person and then “Message” in the popup that appears…

For example if you wanted to PM Ami_mac/J Grimm you could click on either of those names…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Hey thank Marbled,

I was able to download the firmware files from cisco but I’m still looking for the correct XML config.

No message option. It only show badges…

Hi Joseph!

It is because you are new… You need to reach at least “basic” level for PMs…


Looks like you have some reading to do… :wink:

(It’s apparently one of the ways to reach “basic” level…)

Good luck and have a nice day!


Hey Joseph,

PM me your email and I will send you files