Cisco 8941 as an Endpoint with FreePBX

I have recently acquired a Cisco 8941, it is not listed as supported by Endpoint Manager, but it looks like a better phone than my 7941G - so am going to give it a go - does anyone use this phone with FreePBX and would be willing to help with config?

Currently i am at the point that the phone has config - but cannot/will-not register - even though i have checked and double checked the config for the extension and phone, i hand crafted the XML and have run it through xmllint - the password that is represented in the XML IS the same as i have in the extension in FreePBX (FreePBX from the ISO)

2017-01-19 09:31:46] NOTICE[625]: chan_sip.c:28485 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

.16 is the PBX and .83 is the phone in question…

An specific but anonymised xml file for a Cisco 8941 would be very welcome - as would a pointer to any resources for the phone with examples - as would confirmation that this will actually work - I have only spent one evening on this so far and am still looking for specific resources - this phone is EOL and if I can get it to work is a nice replacement for our other 7941G’s as they are not expensive just now.

Cisco phones annoyingly only allow 30 character passwords, if you are using a FreePBX auto generated password, it is probably 32 chars. You can shorten your secrets and adjust auto generated secret length in Advanced Settings.

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That was exactly the case…thanks a million - now to waste a lot more time trying to to make it a sane phone.

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