Cisco 885 - EPM


Setting up a new PBX, user has Cisco 8851phones, bu they are not in the list of supported devices within EPM.
Is there an alternative model which will work with this phone?
Are we expecting to update EPM to support this open SIP phone?

Are there any other 8800 series phones in EPM?

I did not see anything with 88xx…

Schmooze team, any suggestions??

Is this the wrong place to put the question for EPM?
I need to resolve this today!

We have no plans. We only add new phones from certified partners for the last 4 years. Cisco is not one of the many partners we have.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the response.
The older Cisco SPA Phones were very popular and the new generation are a nice improvement.

Is there no way to contribute the settings etc, or is it more about the commitment from the Manufacturer?

Since the existing EPM which I’m assuming has many of the settings for a multitude of phones from the OSS EPM when it first started, including the Cisco’s, I thought we would have many phones not just the partners phones, I don’t remember seeing that stated in the EPM info itself which we just purchased for this new client install.

Please know, I’m not saying this to be disrespectful of anything you said or Schmooze, just my quick observation and trying to see how we can get more phones like these added.

Of course installation is a lot less fun when there is no EPM :slight_smile:

I may try to reach out to our Cisco Partner rep and ask them if they would consider doing what it takes to get onto the EPM ( it’s of course in their favor if they do)


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