Cisco 8800 3PCC (3rd Party Call Control) setup

I’ve been working with the Cisco 8800 3PCC series phones lately, particularily the 8841 and the 8851. I didn’t realize when I had initially bought enterprise versions of these phones that the 3PCC version was basically (somewhat simplified) the Cisco SPA phone config on a newer model phone. I have been working with the Cisco SPA phones since 2012.

Since there is no 8800 series entries in Endpoint Manager, what I had to do is a workaround.

If you watch what files an 8800 phone looks for from the TFTP server on boot, it first looks for a file (8851 example) called 8851-3PCC.xml then a file called Cisco/CP-8851-3PCC/MAC.cfg

What I did was take one of the spa502.cfg files that Endpoint Manager creates in the tftpboot directory when the Cisco brand is installed and change the name to 8851-3PCC.xml. This tells the phone that it needs to look for a file called spaMAC.xml in the tftpboot folder, which is the file that Endpoint Manager creates when you provision a Cisco SPA phone.

After you add the Cisco brand to Endpoint Maanger, pick a model of Cisco SPA phone in endpoint manager that you aren’t using and edit the basefile according to what’s below. I picked the Cisco SPA508. When I provision the 8800 phones in endpoint manager now I have to choose SPA508 as the model.
Start from an unedited Cisco basefile in Endpoint Manager. For reference, I used Endpoint Manager

<Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**#</Call_Pickup_Code>


<Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**</Call_Pickup_Code>


<Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**#</Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code>


<Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**</Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code>






<Upgrade_Rule ua=“na”></Upgrade_Rule>


<Upgrade_Rule ua=“na”>tftp://destination/sip88xx.11-2-3MPP-398.loads</Upgrade_Rule>


<Idle_Key_List ua=“na”>em_login;acd_login;acd_logout;astate;avail;unavail;redial;dir;cfwd;dnd;lcr;pickup;gpickup;unpark;em_logout;</Idle_Key_List>


<Idle_Key_List ua=“na”>em_login;acd_login;acd_logout;astate;avail;unavail;redial;dir;cfwd;dnd;</Idle_Key_List>


<Resync_Periodic ua=“na”>86400</Resync_Periodic>


<Resync_Periodic ua=“na”></Resync_Periodic>

Delete these entries. These can be removed from the basefile rather than just clearing the entry in the option. These settings don’t exist on the 8800 series.

<Admin_Passwd ua=“rw”>222222</Admin_Passwd>
<User_Password ua=“rw”>111111</User_Password>
<BMP_Picture_Download_URL ua=“na”></BMP_Picture_Download_URL>
<Select_Background_Picture ua=“na”>BMP Picture</Select_Background_Picture>

Delete all the speed dial entries to allow users to set speed dials without having them overwritten.

<Speed_Dial_1 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_1>
<Speed_Dial_2 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_2>
<Speed_Dial_3 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_3>
<Speed_Dial_4 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_4>
<Speed_Dial_5 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_5>
<Speed_Dial_6 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_6>
<Speed_Dial_7 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_7>
<Speed_Dial_8 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_8>
<Speed_Dial_9 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_9>

Add these entries:

<Picture_Download_URL ua=“rw”>http://destination/phonebook/FNGLogo_8800.png</Picture_Download_URL>
<Phone_Background ua=“na”>Download Picture</Phone_Background>
<XML_Directory_Service_URL group=“Phone/XML Service”>http://destination/phonebook/pbmenu.xml</XML_Directory_Service_URL>
<XML_Directory_Service_Name group=“Phone/XML Service”>FNG Directory</XML_Directory_Service_Name>
<Resync_At__HHmm_ ua=“na”>0230</Resync_At__HHmm_>
<Group_Paging_Script ua=“na”></Group_Paging_Script>
<Ehook_Enable ua=“na”>Yes</Ehook_Enable>
<Back_Light_Timer ua=“rw”>Always On</Back_Light_Timer>

Let me know if you have any changes to suggest, or a better way altogether to do this.

Thank you,


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