Cisco 79xx Phones

Hi Guys,

FPBX version 5.211.65-19
Commercial EPM version

I’m sure I’m missing something here (as is normal when I post) but I’m not finding it. I have the commercial EPM installed and working with no issues - have used Polycom IP and VVX models, Grandstream, and Cisco SPAxxx phones and they are running fine. BUT, we have several Cisco CP-7940G, 7960, 7975, and the 79xx model of the Polycom IP7000 (don’t have the model handy) - and I have not been able to get them working.

I have factory reset the phones, configured them in End Point Manager, and we have DHCP options set (again, all other phones working). If I leave the normal EPM setup alone, I can see the phones going out to tftp but I get “XMLDefault.cnf.xml not found” messages. I have found several how-to’s on getting the 79xx series phones working with Asterisk but have been hesitant follow them for fear of messing up anything with EPM.

Can someone point in in the right direction with these phones? Please let me know what additional information you need from me.



I am no expert but I have successfully gotten CP-7960 and CP-7961G’s working with the commercial EPM. Did you put the firmware files for the Cisco Enterprise phones in the root of the tftp directory? They need to be there for the phone to pull it. Also, have you either setup option 66 in your DHCP server or manually set the Cisco Enterprise phones to point to your tftp server?

As I recall the different series of Cisco Enterprise handsets use different firmware files also. Something to keep in mind.

I can’t help with the Polycom, sorry.


Thanks for the reply, Tom. I’ve had no problems with Polycom, or any other brand/model outside of Cisco 79xx, so far.

When I first posted yesterday, I had not done anything with the firmware. When I didn’t receive a reply earlier, I went ahead and followed several guides I’d found online. I did get firmware - P003-8-12-00 - and did place the recommended files (image below)

in tftpboot. DHCP options are set and I could see the phones reaching out to the correct server, but I have been unable to get them working. They boot, reach out to the tftp server, reboot, continually. No more status messages that I’ve found to point me anywhere else.