Cisco 79xx phone customizations

I have been working with these phones for a while, but haven’t come across a really good way to work with them. Recently, our customer has provisioned ~300 phones, only to discover that some features they took for granted on CCM (LDAP lookup on outgoing call, idivert/reject, etc), are no longer available. Has anyone had any luck with these features on SIP firmware?

I have personally converted over 1000 Cisco phones from SCCP to SIP and I am having a hard time imagining how someone would convert 300 phones without evaluating feature impacts.

By any chance did someone sell them a solution and say this would work (either internally or externally).

The customer was aware. Their users were not. Users that required a larger featureset were given Snom 821s.

The question is whether anyone has made progress with these phones and the features I mentioned. I see you have converted many phones, but did not mention if you were able to replicate any of these features.

No, no progress at all. The largest advance was RPID support in Asterisk 1.8

Thanks, thats what I wanted to hear.