Cisco 7975G f/w upgrade and time issue

I’ve got this device registered, but the time is 1 hour ahead. Also, I cannot seem to upgrade this phone past the current firmware. Any ideas?

PBX info:


Cisco 7975G info:

App Load ID: jar75sip.8-3-2SR1.sbn
Boot Load ID: tnp75.8-3-4-16BN01.bin
Version: SIP75.8-3-2SR1S

P.S. I have the config ready to be posted, but the format doesn’t display correctly. What is the correct method of posting my ‘SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX.cnf.xml’ config?

Time issue resolved. The issue resided the server-side. What about f/w-wise? Anyone successful at loading anything above 'SIP75.8-3-2SR1S"? I’ve tried 9.2, but to no avail.

7975 [f/w 9.2.(3)] is now registered.

Hello tadpole

I try to get the 7975 up and running for weeks now
can you share your info?
any help is welcome
peter @

I haven’t been on here for some time now. Have been successful in registering your 7975?

The 7975 seems to be a big problem with freepbx. Can you please share your relevant pbx configurations and your tftpboot file? Which version of firmware were you successful with?