Cisco 7975 Reorder Error When Dialing Most Digits

I have installed the FreePBX Distro with FreePBX 2.11, and more or less gone through the “first steps” in the wiki. I set up a group DAHDI trunk, an any DID/any CID inbound route, and an outbound route that directs calls prefixed with 9 out the DAHDI trunks. I have a pair of extensions each with a Cisco 7975 phone configured.

If I dial 9 on the phone, I get connected to the outside phone line, hear a dial tone, and can make a call as normal. If I dial any feature code that begins with #, it works. The instant I begin dialing anything that begins with a digit other than 9, or #, the display says “Reorder” and an error tone plays. The largest problem with this is that the extensions cannot dial one another, though they can reach outside lines, and outside lines can be routed in to them successfully.

Is there some equivalent to an outbound route that I need to configure for internal dialing to work?

I’ve had a thought. Could this behavior be caused by my phones dialing instantly instead of waiting for a timeout? According to my dialplan.xml, the phones are supposed to wait 5 seconds before they dial, so I really shouldn’t be able to dial a single digit and get an instant response. That wouldn’t explain why #XX patterns still work, though.

Phone dialplan.xml turned out to be the problem. If the phones aren’t loading their dial plan properly, they just instantly dial any digit you give them.

Actually they send the digits when the dial plan is matched. If the dial plan is wrong as soon as the least specific match returns true the call will be placed.