Cisco 7971 requests term71.default.loads, but nothing else afterwards?

I have some 7971’s and 7970’s on hand. When trying to deploy them, I see they request and receive term71.default.loads and term70.default.loads respectively. On the 7970’s, I see an “Auth Failed” message appear shortly after receiving term70.default.loads. The 7971’s don’t display this message. However they both share the same behavior in that they continue to request their respective term##.default.loads files and nothing else afterwards.

I have a hunch that this is a firmware upgrade path issue, but I have other 7970’s that were in use before I started this job. These older ones have been factory reset and pulled the necessary files without issue with the current files in my tftp server.

Could someone shed light on what might be causing this? I have 8-5-4TH1-6 and 9-2-3TH1-9 versions of the following files: cnu70*, cnu71*, cvm70sip*, cvm71sip*, jar70sip*, jar71sip*, dsp70*, dsp71*, apps70*, apps71*.

Thanks in advance!

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