Cisco 7970 Asterisk - working BLF?

Hi everyone,

I have big problem with BLF lamp working on Cisco 7970G phone,
Does anyone has correcty working BLF buttons in that phone?

Phone has SIP 8.5.4
I have Asterisk 1.6 + FreePBX GUI

I did in SEP file :
(thats the only thing I’ve founded on web)


Resoult is that I have speed dial button working properly, but the line button doesn’t work.

Please help,
Thanks in advance,


I’ve founded page where it works with 1.6.

For now almost all is working, than I just leave that BLF.

But I’ve other problem. When dialing to ivr , for example. Bank. I hear: bla bla , press 1… But when Im pressing it wont work. After number is dialled I cant use phone with that ivr menus. How can I fix it? I’ve sip 8.5.4


You need to do some searches mate. The answers do exist and the road has been well travelled :wink:

I’ve previously published a quick how-to here:

This how-to is based on 89xx and 99xx series Cisco’s and there are some difference with the 7970 phones. One thing is certain you will need to patch asterisk to get BLF/presence working. I’ve seen that you’ve posted a similar thing in JIRA, which is fine - but be aware that is not a support forum and you will not necessarily get answers to how do I patch asterisk - they assume you will know how to do this…

Also asterisk 1.6 is not the best thing to get this working on - you need to move to asterisk 1.8 or later ideally as the Gareth Palmer patch has now moved on considerably in terms of bug fixes and functionality since the first iterations.

Patching asterisk is usually fine, but would recommend that you try this on an experimental system that you don’t mind breaking - DO NOT TRY THIS ON A PRODUCTION SYSTEM without having proved to yourself that you can actually patch the thing and not bugger it up.

Good luck.


Thanks for reply. Sorry, I thought that I’d searched everywere, but now I see that I was searching not enought.

‘1.6 is not best thing’ - The problem is that I cant update it to 1.8 …
I’ve bought a ‘ready product’ - 100% working 1.6 with many corrections than 1.8 is not an option for me.
What do you suggest - if you know that I’ll stay with 1.6 ? Give uo and just sell all the 7970’s? ( yealink t28p its 100% easy one). Will it work with 1.6? 7970 its very nice phone ( maybe display is little dark but at all nice phone)

I see you have really big knowledge. Maybe you could you help me picking up the SIP ver.? - which is the best for 7970? 8.0.3, 8.5.3, other?



My comment about asterisk 1.6 was specifically in relation to applying the presence/BLF/video patch. If you are somehow locked into using 1.6 then fair enough, but just wanted you to be aware that this particular patch has had MANY feature and stability updates since it was first published 2 years ago for 1.6. I would not recommend at all that you apply a 2-year old asterisk patch to a current phone system. There was even a specific backport for folks (like myself at the time) that were locked into using trixbox (asterisk - but that has not been updated in over 18 months…

So as far as this particular patch is concerned, asterisk 1.6 is a dead end. All the great new features that Gareth and Artem have worked on will only really work work with asterisk 1.8, 10 and 11.

I have no first hand experience of Cisco 7970’s, so wont even go there on the firmware side of things. My persanal Cisco, FreePBX and Asterisk knowledge base is built up on the more recent 99xx and 89xx series phones. They are very nice handsets, and wickedly good when you get al the advanced features like video working, but as anyone will tell you, and I will be the first in that line - the most recent “high-end” Cisco phones are not at all “out-of-the box” easy to get working with a non-CUCM platform.

If you stick to the older 79xx series phones and SPA 500 series however, the ones that are supported in end-point manager in FBX, then that is a different story.

Thank you for nice explanation. Than the most reasonable is that 7970 goes on ebay.

Could you please suggest me, keeping in mind asterisk 1.6 - some nice, advance phone that will have all that features and will be easy ‘out-of-the-box’?

See for a start

Keep in mind you won’t get the 7970 BLF’s working on Asterisk 1.6. I think that Simcity is being generous in even mentioning the old back port. It’s false hope.

I would like to understand the circumstances that have you locked into 1.6. That is possibly one of the worst, bug riddled Asterisk trains that ever existed and I can’t imagine any circumstances that would lock you into it.

My thought is you are either working under an incorrect assumption or an unscrupulous vendor has boondoggled you. Either way I would like to get you back on course.

Its a sheme it doesnt work. Its really nice phone, good looking. Maybe there is some exeption than on mine asterisk will it work? Its now hard to find so nice pgone with 8 lines.

The problem with 1.6 is that I’ve bought ready procuct:

There are many improvements done to the astererisk by that company. They told they cannot upgrade to 1.8 becouse it would take them half year to make those changes in 1.8…

There is 2nd option - make another server, asterisk 1.8 + freePBX GUI and connect them threw IAX, but I’m not an expert and there are many things to install: Linux, Asterisk, Dahdi, Postfix/Sendmail, TFTP, so I wont handle it…

Distro way will work for me?
So the question is - is it worth, or maybe better serach different phone.

I agree with Scott and any commercial vendor in 2012 that is SELLING product solely based on asterisk 1.6, and telling you there is a 6 month wait to move this to 1.8 you should walk away from…

I’d love to know what all these “improvements” they have made are? You will probably find they exist in the latest distributions and are 10x more stable and non-proprietary.

Sounds like you’ve been hoodwinked my friend.

Thank you for all of the support. The biggest problem is that I’ve no knowledge to solve it and than propobly if there are any complications I’m alone.

First big problem is just to instal asterisk and freepbx, gsm cards, isdn cards, ect. If I would know that I can handle it myself - than I can try.

For sure you are right. They say that 1.6 is good and there is no need to update. I’ve no idea why they say so. They say that bigger companies with much more expensive gear use 1.4 and dont think to update to 1.6. They say totally oposite, that newer versions are less stable.

Like here:
Its sad but im ny case: ‘if you dont know how to fix things, you need to pay for them’

Things changed by them are: ‘polish voices’ , billings, and lot’s of other improvements, (whatever it means).

Do you think I can handle instalation of astarisk? For example, using distro? But What about other things, like dahdi, expansions cards (GSM, ISDN, other) - I’ll try to search it.

Good point is that I’ve now Cisco 7970 working good, only BLF…

I can’t comment on the marginal products or your skills. Certainly the distro’s take care of installing all of the components for you. The Polish language and the billing, that would be some work.

1.4 is very stable and I run it at many installation still. To date the most stable Asterisk.

1.6 No so, lot’s of issues

In the past year many improvements have been made on 1.8 and rolled into 1.10

The latest FreePBX doesn’t support Asterisk 1.4 anymore, it all depends on what you need.

The issue is you are asking for a cutting edge feature, BLF support for the Cisco proprietary phone. You are not going to get that from an older version.

If the vendor gives you great support in your language, you can’t put a price on that.

Here is my current code:

When I added ‘USECALLMANAGER’ in lines than phone start rebot continously.
(doesnt matter if I used USECALLMANAGER onlu in line 1 or all 3 - resouts were the same )

Please help. What is wrong?

SIP admin password D/M/YA Central Europe Standard/Daylight Time Unicast 2000 5060 5061 5060 true true x-serviceuri-cfwdall x-cisco-serviceuri-pickup x-cisco-serviceuri-opickup x-cisco-serviceuri-gpickup x-cisco-serviceuri-meetme x-cisco-serviceuri-abbrdial false 2 true true 2 2 0 true 6 10 180 3600 5 120 120 5 500 4000 70 false None 1 false true false false 101 3 avt false false 3 WORCO BV 1 false 10 false 9 Aleksandra 240 USECALLMANAGER 5060 240 240 2 3 240 PASS false 1 *99 4 5 240 true false false true 9 Infolinia 241 USECALLMANAGER 5060 241 241 2 3 241 PASS false 1 *99 4 5 241 true false false true 9 LILIA HOLLAND 242 USECALLMANAGER 5060 242 202 2 3 242 PASS false 1 *99 4 5 242 true false false true 21 Ania 100 100 1 21 Karin 200 200 1 21 Jadwiga 210 210 1 21 Krzysztof 220 220 1 21 Olimpia 230 230 1 5060 10000 20000 184 0 dialplan.xml true 2 SIP70.8-5-4S false false 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 7 09:00 14:00 00:00 1 1 en_US iso-8859-1 1 http://example.domain.ext/services/authenticate.php 96 0 96 4 0 3804 false

Hi guys,

I’ve question: for 7970 with the newer asterisk, how should look the SEP file?
I know there is whole descriprion on wiki page but I’ve still problem:

I have patch instaleld and now Im trying to get it work:

How should look the part with siplines ?

On wiki page they say how it should look:



21 Label ExtensionNumber 1

So I tried both. First once - there was just nothing displayed (empty line). Second - there was speed dial.

Than I did both at the same time: resoult - just speed dial.
I did:

21 Label XXX 1 9 Label USECALLMANAGER 5060

What Im doing wrong?
Please help.

Under that link the lines 3-8 has ‘phone’ + "speeddial’ icon at the sane time. How can I get it?


I deleted line 2 and 3, and it works! By the way, also I did it on asterisk 1.6…

So will it work only when one line has code 9?
Is it possible to configure 7970 with few lines and working BLF?

How Can I configure it that this will show BLF keys form two asterisk servers? ( 2 different locations)

Best regards,