Cisco 7965 Vs 7970

Any opinions of the Cisco 7970 Vs the Cisco 7965. Seems on the used market the 7970 are cheaper yet they have more lines. Other than the number of lines seems not to be to much difference between the two models.

Looks likes supply and demand. I run a few 7965’s and the perform perfectly this makes me want to check out a 7970 to see if it performs the same way… has anyone used 7965 & 7970 models ?

Not supply and demand, specs are on the web guys:

Key differences:

1 - Gigabit Ethernet Support
2 - g.722 wideband audio CODEC
3 - Enhanced display

Have looked at the Cisco comparison charts. Not concerned with the 1 gig ports and no plans for g.722. What I was most curious was the display 12-bit analog TFT backlit color vs the 16-bit digital TFT backlit color on the 7965. Can you notice the difference on a 5.6 in screen? Not planning on viewing fancy background pictures.

The 7970 is a 10 year old phone and the display looks like 10 year old technology. The 7965 certainly looks much better. It also has more codespace, a faster processor, bettor buttons and won’t have 10 years of ear cheese and spit in the handset.

In their day these were incredible handsets but this is 2014, there are many excellent color phones that integrate deeply with FreePBX. Why buy a used, germ infested 5-10 year old phone when you can get a Yealink T46G for about the same price.

Before you say I have no idea what I am talking about, go back and look. I did some of the original integration work on the Cisco phones with trixbox. Up until last year I had a Cisco 9971 with a camera on my desk. Now I have the Yealink and would not go back.

Just my opinion.

that explains it.

Thanks, some very good points