Cisco 7961G TFTP Timeout

Decided to install a new box with Version Stable 5.211.65-8. I am doing this because with my old 4.211 version I was having serious issues trying to install the Extension Routes module. It went so bad that I had to restore the hard drive from a backup image (glad I had one). My new issue is with my Cisco phones, in the status menu on the Cisco phones I get a TFTP timeout trying to connect them with the new box. Have both FreePBX boxes running on isolated networks and I can move the phone back to the 4.211 network and it gets its info fine from that tftp server. Did a ‘rpm -q tftp-server’ to verify the server is running on the 5.211 box. These Cisco’s have always been a headache for me and would really like to end supporting them. Firmware on the Cisco’s are at the 8.3 version as trying to use the most recent 9.x version with 4.211 caused them not to register. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Is your DHCP server setup correctly?

As this is a small test deployment I have set them up with static IP addresses. I did re-enter the tftp server address on the phone just to be sure. I have a Yealink SIP-T26P on the way and will see if it can provision with the new tftp server. I’ll post my findings after the test. Thanks.

Update on my issue, I decided to wipe the phone and reload the 8.3.1 firmware. The good news is it pulls the SEP… file from the tftp server. The bad news is it gives the error ‘error verifying config info’ in the status menu. Moved the phone to my old asterisk network and it came right up.