Cisco 7961G not provisioning with EPM


We can not get our Cisco 7961G’s to provision using EPM. They connect and pull from tftp but seem to keep requesting the SEPxxx.xml files over and over again. We have deleted and recreated the extensions with no change and we have ensured that the secrets are not too long as that was another issue we found. We have reset the phones multiple times too.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Just hit ignore while the phone is ringing.

SkykingOH, I do not know what you mean. The phone is not provisioning so it is not ringing.

Does anyone know where I can download older versions of the commercial EPM to try? I can’t seem to find anywhere to download them

Why would you want an older version?

Currently there is also no trial, you have to purchase a license.

I had read on another thread that someone had better luck with an older version of the EPM. I do not need a trial, we have a license.

They may have been speaking of an older version of the firmware. The database schema changes in the versions, there is no way that I can think of to revert the schema.

In any case why don’t you tell us what’s not working? I can share with you that my company was involved in the Alpha stage of the Cisco legacy testing and we have literally 1000’s of this series phone on our hosted platform. We swap our hosted platforms for Cisco CME’s and UCM’s as our “bread and butter” I would think we would be one of the first to discover any issues with the product.

So we need to know what you are doing and what is not working and what you are doing it on. The more info the quicker we can get to the bottom of this. Need versions of all software, phone firmware, config files, provisioning file method etc.

We can not get our 7961G’s to provision using the commercial EPM. They connect and pull from tftp but keep requesting the SEPxxx.xml files repeatedly. We have deleted and recreated the extensions several times and have ensured that the secrets are not to long. We have also reset the phones multiple times.

The phone is requesting the file, we are seeing this in the tail repeatedly:

Jul 16 18:35:04 pbx1 in.tftpd[6039]: RRQ from filename CTLSEP001AA22BE286.tlv
Jul 16 18:35:04 pbx1 in.tftpd[6040]: RRQ from filename SEP001AA22BE286.cnf.xml

That is the MAC address of the phone. Also the phone shows:

8:36:06p SEP001AA22BE286.cnf.xml
8:36:06p Error Verifying Config Info
8:36:37p File Not Found : CTLFile.tlv
8:36:37p No CTL installed
8:36:37p SEP001AA22BE286.cnf.xml
8:36:38p Error Verifying Config Info
8:37:09p File Not Found : CTLFile.tlv
8:37:09p No CTL installed
8:37:09p SEP001AA22BE286.cnf.xml
8:37:09p Error Verifying Config Info

In the status messages.

We have opened a ticket too but we do not have a support contract so we are trying to get help everywhere.



The error verifying config means that a syntax error exists in the .cnf.xml file.

What version Cisco software?

Can you web or telnet/ssh to the phone and pull the real logs down? It will tell you the line that the parser is barfing on.

Thanks SkykingOH,

That helped, I found the error. The line display field was too long, it has a limit of 12 characters and the extension display name was 17 characters. When I changed the extension display name to less than 12 the phone came on-line.

Shouldn’t there be a logic in EPM to check for that?

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I saw your reply on the ticket system via email. Since I’m not in the ticket system I will reply here… You will see something similar Monday…

This sounds like a bug. Go to and file a bug report so our devs can look at it. You can reference this thread and your support ticket id.

This should be resolved in: to be released later today.

I need help getting my 7961g and 7941g to register I HAVE SHORTED THE secret to the nine. WHAT KEEPS coming up is the error to update locale? Please help wife wants this project done.