Cisco 7961 Ringlist.xml

Ok, I give up… for weeks I have been trying to figure this out and no matter what I do I can’t get my 7961 to load ring tones.

Here is a basic version of what I am using.

<CiscoIPPhoneRingList> <Ring> <DisplayName>ATT 1</DisplayName> <FileName>ring_att1.pcm</FileName> </Ring> <Ring> <DisplayName>ATT 2</DisplayName> <FileName>ring_att2.pcm</FileName> </Ring> <Ring> <DisplayName>NyukNyuk</DisplayName> <FileName>NyukNyuk.raw</FileName> </Ring> </CiscoIPPhoneRingList>

I have tried a variety of different URLS, ringtones, ringlist.xml Ringlist.xml with no luck!

Trouble is I use two different phone models on my Freepbx server, I use the 7960 and 7961 types, of which have very different config files and so on. This is the only problem I am having with them. The 7960 used RINGLIST.DAT, and it loads up the ringtones with no problems. The 7961 will not even show them in the ringtone list.

I am so frustrated right now and I hope someone can shed some light on this. The TFTP server I am using is the built in one with FreePBX.

Again thanks in advance.

Wow, that was a mess…Sorry I formatted wrong…

See if I worked at it a little longer then I have already. I would have realized I was not going into the phone menu enough to locate the ringers! Wow, how stupid do I feel. It is also not Ringlist.xml it is ringlist.xml.

What I would like to do is move all my ringers off of the main TFTP root and into a folder, but I can’t figure that part out.

Anyone know a way to do this? I hate to have a cluttered root folder like this.