Cisco 7961 dropping calls

We have been having issues getting the Cisco 7961 to work properly. At first the outgoing would work but not incoming as it wouldn’t register with asterisk. After finding the proper SIP firmware they register and can receive calls.

Now the phones will randomly drop calls. When it does it states configuring IP then goes to the main screen and works again. But after the first time it does this the call times get shorter.

I noticed on the web UI that it has a CDP port, cisco discovery port. The port is an IP of another phone. Has anyone had this issue before? Our polycom phones work fine.

I am wondering if disabling the CDP port will fix as freepbx doesn’t use CDP.

do you have any switches that have cdp enabled? cdp is a great way to provision the phones with vlan info. but unless you are provisioning the phones using cdp, then disable it. by the way, cdp stands for cisco discovery protocol. if the phones are internal, make sure that nat is set to no. i have a vague recollection that when i had nat set to yes the phones would not stay online.

I will double check if any of the switches are set to CDP enabled. We did tell the extension setup no on the nat. If any of the switches have CDP I would be willing to bet it is the two cisco switches. Don’t think the D-link switch has that option.

Will check and report back. Thanks.

We just have basic small business switches that don’t offer CDP.

I have been searching for how to disable CDP on the phone but am not finding anything. Does anyone know how to disable?

We are running SIP firmware if that helps. Thanks for any help in advance.

We finally figured out how to turn CDP off from the phones. Now the phones don’t drop calls.

Thanks for your help bksales.