Cisco 7960 using Endpoint Manager - 401 Unauthorized

Asterisk 13 & FreePBX 13

I have a few Cisco phones that I’m trying to setup as SIP phones using Endpoint Manager. My test phone gets the firmware I have uploaded, and it gets the config, but it won’t register any extensions with the server. If I look in the Asterisk logs, I see this over & over:

Reference: = Cisco 7960 = FreePBX server

[2018-02-06 09:08:08] NOTICE[19346] res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request ‘REGISTER’ from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ (callid: [email protected]) - Failed to authenticate

Running tshark filtered on that interface for that phone’s IP, I see this over & over: -> SIP 825 Request: REGISTER sip: (fetch bindings) -> SIP 534 Status: 401 Unauthorized (0 bindings)

My test extension is a pjsip extension, and I have set “Force rport” to No.

I am able to register this extension using a softphone and a Polycom Soundpoint IP 601, but the Cisco will not register (yet). I have “Max Contacts” set to 7 since I’m using it to test multiple devices. Also, on the Cisco phone, when I dial a number, it just says “Reorder” on the screen & gives a busy signal.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

My condolences.

The phone isn’t registered. It’s probably because the maximum password length on the 7960 phone series is ridiculously low (depending on your firmware, something from 8 to 23 characters). I was using Cisco phones for SIP for a while, and then got hit with a $1000 phone bill when someone figured out the password we were using. After that, I changed them all back to Skinny mode and started using (and supporting) the Chan-SCCP-B Channel Driver.

You will need to change the “good” passwords on all your other phones to meet the requirements of the Cisco phone.

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That was it! The password was too long I guess :slight_smile: Wow. THANK YOU!!

Note that the auto generated password length is configurable in Advanced Settings.

The closest thing I see in there is “Require Strong Secrets” = Yes/No

You have to enable display of read only settings, if you wanna make changes you also have to enable the override setting.

Thanks! I set Display Readonly Settings & Override Readonly Settings both to “Yes”, then I was able to set Size of generated sip secrets to 12 & save. Then I set Display Readonly Settings back to “No”, leaving Override Readonly Settings to “Yes”.

I verified this works as expected when I created a new extension. Thanks!

If you asking me, i wouldn’t set a sip password less than 16-18 characters

Thanks. I set it to 16 and verified that the phone can handle that.

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