Cisco 7960 time off

After a week or two it seems that our Cisco 7960 phone time is off by about 5 minutes. A reboot will bring it back to the same time as the FreePBX server shows. NTP is installed on the server and running. If I look in the settings of the phone, it also shows that it’s pulling time from

Any ideas on how to fix this? Do I need to point the NTP setting on the phone to the PBX?


Yes, you need to make sure your peers and drift file are setup on your PBX.

The ntpq utility (remember to hit a ? to see commands) can be used to list peers and do test queries and such.

Sometimes if your sysclock is way out you have to do an ntpdate manual update.

The drift file and ntpd are running on the PBX, and as mentioned the time is correct on their. It’s just the phones that show an incorrect time.