Cisco 7960 Skinny vs SIP

I have a customer that is hoping to reuse some Cisco 7960 IP phones with Skinny integration. Will these work with FreePBX or does it have to be the SIP version? Thanks

Getting the old Cisco’s to work with SIP is HORRIBLE. I’d suggest lighting your hair on fire before having to deal with it. It’s possible but it never seems to work 100%.

We have a server with the SCCP software installed. About 50 ciscos using it and it works good, system feels a bit unstable so I would suggest giving it its own skinny server. It was difficult to setup and its really quirky but it works once you get through the mountain of quirks it works fine.

If its just 1 or 2 ciscos I’d suggest buying their ciscos and giving them a more manageable phone because these things are not time efficient at all and will eat up tons of your time.

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I, on the other hand, would recommend you check out Chan-SCCP-B drivers. They are not “integrated” into FreePBX (they are an Asterisk channel driver) but they let the phones work as designed and don’t have all the weirdness associated with the SIP load for the Cisco phones. If you search through here, you should find some information about Chan-SCCP-B and FreePBX (search for those two terms) and you should find the Wiki entry for how to do the integration.

Note that the last time I update the instructions was for Asterisk 13, so Asterisk 14 might need some additional “holding your tongue just right”. If you decide to go with the Chan-SCCP-B route, I can help you get over the initial hurdles.

Chan_sccp works fine.
Using SIP firmware you lose some features,( no BLF, no custom menu, no additional languages).
Do forget to open the port 2000.