Cisco 7960 Randomly saying, "Configuring IP"

I am a new network admin for a company that uses FreePBX for their phone system. The system had not been rebooted for over 200 days when I first arrived. I had to move the virtual machine for FreePBX to a new Xenserver, which obviously required a shutdown.

I’m not sold on the reboot actually being the issue. However, now a single Cisco 7960 phone will go from working one minute to: “Configuring IP” the next. All other phones are working properly when this occurs.

I unplug a/c power and plug it back in, and we’re good. This has happened twice in the last week with two different 7960 phones.

Any suggestions? I’m the new guy, and it didn’t start happening until this reboot, so now I look like the “bad guy” hehe.

Cisco 7960 firmware: P0S3-08-6-00
FreePBX Version: FreePBX 2.10.0rc1
Asterisk Version: Asterisk


Did you check network cable dhcpd server logs ? It dows not sound like freepbx issue more network/ power issue.

Yeah, you’re right. I’ve just had some bad luck with these 7960’s and getting them configured. Inherited a bunch of phones that no one knows if they actually work, so I just chalked it up as a phone issue. It could very well be a power issue as the power is pretty shaky in the building. Just didn’t know if anyone had seen anything similar with these phones and FreePBX.