Cisco 7960 help!

Hi guys… I want to start using the freepbx feature within linuxmce. I purchased a cisco 7960 on ebay and converted it to SIP
I downloaded a SIP image from Cisco and loaded it into the phone using tftp.
I plugged the phone and it went through the normal steps of booting:
Configuring VLAN
Configuring IP
Requesting Configuration
Phone unprovisioned

If I look at the log on the phone itself this is what I see:

Status Messages
W350 unprovisioned proxy-backup
W351 unprovisioned proxy-emergency
W362 No valid Line Names provisioned
W210 TFTP Error: Not found SIPDefault.cnf
W220 TFTP Error: Not found SIP000DBC261A3A.cnf

Firmware Version
Application Load ID P0S3-08-9-00
Boot Load ID PC030301
DSP Load ID 4.0(2.0)[A0]

The phone gets an IP and information for router, tftp, and so on but it seems like it is looking for 2 files on the tftp server and not finding them. Is the system supposed to create those files for me or do I need to create them and save them in the tftp directory? Reading on the forums and documentation I’ve found I am not supposed to do that but I am beggining to wonder.

Any thoughts?


I have the same phone working, no problem. Google the phone, that’s how I found the instructions, otherwise, post again and i’ll provide the files, they’re very simple.

Yes you need to create the proper SIPdefault and SIP[mac] address for your phone that will be tftp from the server when the phone boots.

look in voip-info, you’ll find everything there.

My Cisco 7960 is doing the same exact thing! I have the proper SIPdefault and SIP[mac] files in /tftpboot/. Did you get yours working?