Cisco 7941 , Unprovisionned Status

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I’m a fresh student in Networking and Cybersecurity and as I realize during my scouting of the labor market, FreePBX knowledge is almost omnipresent in the prerequisites for employment. For this reason, I bought an old Cisco IP Phone 7941 to practice myself with the SIP technology and FreePBX configuration. Until now everything was working fine, I tried at first to set up bare metal asterisk and Freebpx on my own VPS in the cloud using Centos 7 but it didn’t work for me after many attempts. This is why I finally chose to install the iso preconfigure on the website. I reset the phone, installed the last firmware, and now I try to transfer by tftp64 but it seems like my SEP[MAC].cnf. XML and Dialplan.xml won’t transfer to the rest of the files. I’m stuck at Unprovisionned status on the phone screen and my tftp64.exe seems to send the files in question but it just continually says that 0 of 17 transfers and I don’t know why. HELP!


You picked literally the worst phone to try register

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That model had to be patched to use SIP. It is patched right? As it was already said, this is the worst phone to learn on.

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Really? Where have you seen this? I’m not saying FreePBX isn’t great (that’s why I’m posting on this forum) but “omnipresent” seems a bit exaggerated.

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Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question! First of all, billsimon is completely right, I exaggerated in my previous comments. I just wanted to say that mastering IP telephony is a must in the industry. I have indeed upgraded the phone and I have also read as some have mentioned here that this phone is arcane and not very suitable for today’s methods. I will try to buy a new device in this perspective would you have any suggestion to offer me keeping in mind that I wish to spend as little as possible.

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Well just to clarify, having knowledge of how IP PBXes work is helpful in Networking and Cybersecurity positions. Actually knowing how to configure it, manage it, troubleshoot it are the jobs of a PBX admin/tech.

Being an expert in FreePBX will not secure a job in the fields you are studying.

I am really surprised by your answer, I am French Canadian and in Quebec the job offers seem to include the management and configuration of VoIP/PBX as a responsibility related to the network domain. In addition, I am only finishing my college training next October but I will have in my next session a certification in VoIP. But you are certainly right, I personally find it difficult to be comfortable with server administration, cybersecurity, VoIP, programming and networking all at the same time. The internship offers seem to be greedy on the number of qualifications required for a simple new graduate. I may be comfortable with the concepts of these fields but it is a whole different level to be good at troubleshooting all of these fields at once.

Ohhhh, this is more of an office IT job you are looking at. That makes more sense.

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