Cisco 7940 will not connect to freepbx

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a newly installed FreePBX / Asterisk server. I have 3 Cisco 7940 handsets which have had the sip firmware installed on them and are currently connected to an external voipfone pbx system. I’m planning on bringing everything in house.

I telnet connected to my desk phone and sent a ping to my pbx which was sucessful.

I’ve set up some extensions as 100, 101 etc… but when I enter the authname as 100 and the password it will not register the handset… Any ideas what I need to look at?

Are you using the end point manager to configure them? Or just typing the ext and password and server address in the phone


I was using cfg files, but I managed to get it working - I had to set the ports to 5061 not 5060 to get the handsets to register.

Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling: