Cisco 7940 unable to register

I just installed FreePBX. The phone (Cisco 7940 with SIP firmware and the server are connected to a router with wired connections. The server can successfully ping the phone, and the phone is in contact with the server since I can see it request files from the TFTP server, and it also configured itself correctly with the TFTP’ed config files.

When I try to make a call, I immediately get a busy signal and a “reorder” message. When I check the log, it says “E640 REG msg unsupported: in 403, request failure”. I can’t find any information about this error message.

I have tried configuring the extension and the phone both with and without NAT, and it has no effect. Any other suggestions?

From my workstation I have tried to telnet to both the phone and the server on port 5060 and neither of them succeeds in opening a connection. Is this normal?

Yes, SIP is UDP telnet is TCP

Hi skyfow89,

What does your settings look like on the phone and on FreePBX for the extension?
Obviously something does not tie up on one of the two.

I’ve tried uninstalling the EPM and deleting the templates, etc. no luck. Of course I can telnet to the phone so I’m not sure if that makes any difference.