Cisco 7940 phone's Are not syncing with asterisk and higher

Hi, I been working on this issue for a cupple days and was asked for the versions and more information, think im ready now
after upgrading Asterisk to Asterisk Cisco 7940 phones (Firmware P0S3-08-9-00) are unable to register with error SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized raw logs ( )
the config files remain the same, phone config remains the same, only think that was changed was upgrading asterisk —> ( )
my sample sip_additional.conf ( ) i have tryed uninstalling asterisk and installing asterisk 1.4 but the problem remained, a fresh install of asterisknow/freepbx has worked until the system yum updates
i guess my question is , is there any changes to sip or the registration from these too versions? are there any workarounds or patches? Any help is greatly appreciated