Cisco 6921 TFTP Issue

We are setting up Cisco 6921 phones for a client. Currently we have them set up to use firmware SIP but unfortunatly they will not pull their templates via TFTP. This is what we see:

May 6 16:46:55 localhost in.tftpd[16183]: RRQ from filename CTLSEPD0D0FD712E22.tlv
May 6 16:46:55 localhost in.tftpd[16183]: sending NAK (1, File not found) to

Then it requests the XMLDefault.cnf.xml file from the server but nothing is transferred.

If I manually pull the templates from the PBX and put them onto a TFTP based off my laptop i can get it to pull the files and then it will register to the PBX. Although this works it is not optimal as the client would prefer to use Option 66 for their phones.

Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated.

I have sent you a message, regarding this.