CID Superfecta Vulnerable alert, but not available on the repository for update (SOLVED)

I see a security alert:

CID Superfecta vulnerable, requires

However, it is not yet available on the repository. Is there anything I need to do, or just wait?


Same here but current is .29 and required is .30, not yet available in repositories

I’m seeing available in both stable and edge repos. Are you able to get it with the command

fwconsole ma downloadinstall superfecta --tag

If so, it’s a caching issue local on the pbx.

my update script (does a fwconsole ma upgradeall) saw it on a PBXact system.

Also on a FreePBX system.

Yep that worked perfectly, thank you!

Got it, thanks. I am used to using the GUI, but I have resorted to the console method sometimes when the GUI appears to freeze especially with very large downloads. I should get in the habit of using the console more often!

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