CID Superfecta - "Send to URL"-Option, additional parameters available?

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we are using the CID Superfecta Option to send Phonenumber and Name to a MS SQL Server.
Is it possible to send additional parameters (like DID) with this option? I could not find any information about it.

Beside this, I want to share my solution (Send information to MS SQL Server) with the community. Is there a prefered way to do this?

Thank you!

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Not too difficult, it’s a nice beginner project. The code is in the file:


In that same folder you will see other superfecta modules that do reference DID such as the Send to Email module. You can adapt the same technique used there.

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Thank you.
A have some other things to do first, but I will insert my solution to this thread after finishing the task.

My solution
All custom changes are marked. You have to add ‘&DID=[DESTINATION]’ to your URL

function post_processing($cache_found, $winning_source, $first_caller_id, $run_param, $thenumber)
    /* Custom Change */
    $from_did = "";
        $from_did = $this->trunk_info['dnid'];
        $from_did = "Unknown Destination";
    /* End Custom Change */
    if (($run_param['URL_address'] != '') && ($first_caller_id != ''))
        // replace [NAME] and [NUMBER] placeholders with actual urlencoded values
   $url = $run_param['URL_address'];
   $url = str_replace('[NAME]',  urlencode($first_caller_id), $url);
   $url = str_replace('[NUMBER]', urlencode($thenumber), $url);
   $url = str_replace('[name]',  urlencode($first_caller_id), $url);
       $url = str_replace('[number]', urlencode($thenumber), $url);

     /* Custom Change */
    $url = str_replace("[DESTINATION]", urlencode($from_did), $url);
     /* End Custom Change */

        $this->DebugPrint("Send to URL: {$url}");

        $value = $this->get_url_contents($url);


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