CID Superfecta: Get UniqueID from Call

Hi there,

I made a script which writes every incoming call into a database. At the moment the information is written into the database after the call is finished.

I would appreciate it, if it is possible to write this information immediately after the all is received. In this scenario the receiver of the call has the chance to take notes to every call.
The drawback would be that some information are not available like duration of the call, who has picked up,…

Therefore I want to create a solution where the entry is created when the call is received but after the call has finished the script adds the additional information.

The only way I know to send the information of the incoming call immediately to the database is CID Superfecta (send to URL module).

But to link the entry from CID Superfecta with the information from the CDR-Table an ID is necessary.
CDR has a field which is called uniqueid.

Is it possible to send the uniqueid with Superfecta? Then it would be easy to link the information from both systems.

If there is another way to get call-information immediately into a database, please let me know!

Thank you!

That would be a good start.

Having said that, (IIRC) the CDR table gets written the way you describe. The entry gets updated with information after the call is complete.

It sounds like you need to get an AMI process going where you get information ‘asynchronously’ and write that to your database. It’s a lot of effort and I’m pretty sure there are already processes in place that do most of the work, but it sounds like what you really need.

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