CID of incoming call manipulation

Hello everyone,

I have a general question about reading the Caller ID (CID) of an incoming call from a header other than the default.

Is there a setting that I need to check or fill in to specify the header I’m interested in?

Here’s a real example:
Let’s say we have a trunk between a PBX and FreePBX, and a call from the PBX to FreePBX.
I receive the incoming call, and in the INVITE header, there’s a general CID from the PBX but no real CID of the caller.
FreePBX responds with TRYING and OK, and the PBX sends ACK, but this time with the proper CID in the name part of the From header.
However, FreePBX doesn’t seem to react to it and still displays the previous general CID.

Is there a way to force FreePBX to read the name part of the From header of the ACK as the incoming CID?

Call direction of incoming call in freePBX is Trunk - Inbound Route - Announcement - Phone Extension

I can provide logs if necessary, but I believe my point is clear.

Thank you very much for any tips.

Asterisk does not provide support for such violations of the SIP protocol:

The ACK request constructed by the client transaction MUST contain
values for the Call-ID, From, and Request-URI that are equal to the
values of those header fields in the request passed to the transport
by the client transaction (call this the “original request”).

It is a mandatory requirement that the UAC not do what you say they are doing.

In general, Asterisk does not provide access to ACK request headers.

Many thanks for explanation and provided link David.

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