CID not showing

Hi, I hope someone can help, Were having an issue whilst the Account CID is coming up the Extension CID is not even tho its set. The CDR reports from the SIP provider are not showing the individual DID’s but just showing the one main account DID. And when I receive calls from the phones they all show the same DID where they should be showing there individual DID’s. This is making it imposable to generate a detailed CDR report from my billing platform. Any comments would be greatly appreciated

In your trunk settings, investigate your choices for

Outbound CallerID?:


CID Options?:

Thanks, Dicko, sorry I’m a new user, is that under settings - extension settings?

no, read the wiki before anything else.

Make sure that you set the trunk CID and the extension CID in the format that your service provider is expecting. In the UK there are some provider who want national format (e.g. 03300881652) some want International format (00443300881652) some want want e164 format (443300881652) and there are others. You have to get this right for it to work.

Also check that your trunk (with the service provider) is set to allow you to change the CID. I came across a provider the other day that you have to actually tell if you want to change the CID and they need to allow it at their end first.

MANY Thanks Lee, Ive been discussing this with the trunk provider but ill pass this on to my Engineer and provider tomorrow and lets hope they can help fix it, its making individual billing a nightmare at present.