CID Name Prefix - new line

I have an unusual question, and I’m not sure if it’s even feasible. I’ve set up a FreePBX system with Unifi phones, and everything is working perfectly. I’ve created “Queues,” and within the “CID Name Prefix” field, I would like to insert a line break in the middle of the text, creating a new line. I want the “CID Name Prefix” text to be displayed on the phone’s screen in two lines. I tried with “\n”, br, &#10, and it didn’t give any result. Is this even possible?
Many thanks

I’m assuming you are using SIP, although you didn’t say. This is from RFC 3261.

All linear white space, including folding, has the same semantics as SP

name-addr      =  [ display-name ] LAQUOT addr-spec RAQUOT
display-name   =  *(token LWS)/ quoted-string

      quoted-string  =  SWS DQUOTE *(qdtext / quoted-pair ) DQUOTE
      qdtext         =  LWS / %x21 / %x23-5B / %x5D-7E
                        / UTF8-NONASCII

   The backslash character ("\") MAY be used as a single-character
   quoting mechanism only within quoted-string and comment constructs.
   Unlike HTTP/1.1, the characters CR and LF cannot be escaped by this
   mechanism to avoid conflict with line folding and header separation.

quoted-pair  =  "\" (%x00-09 / %x0B-0C
                / %x0E-7F)

     token       =  1*(alphanum / "-" / "." / "!" / "%" / "*"
                     / "_" / "+" / "`" / "'" / "~" )

     LWS  =  [*WSP CRLF] 1*WSP ; linear whitespace

So I would say that any newline characters are required to be treated as spaces, not newlines, and there is no escape mechanism to override that.