CID Name Prefix missing when CallerID is withheld or unavailable

We are using FreePBX (firmware 10.13.66-19) with Cisco SPA525G phones.
When a call is put in to a queue the CID Name Prefix is only displayed if the CallerID is available. For example if I call the IVR and press the number for a queue, it will say CS: “CallerID” which is correct, however if the CallerID is not available or withheld, the CID Name Prefix is not displayed and simply says “Anonymous”

Any suggestions on how to resolve this so that a CID is still displayed regardless of CallerID being available or not.

Thanks in advance

That is correct. It’s caller ID prefix and can only prefix if a caller ID exist.

So if the callers number is withheld, an agent can’t tell if the call has come via a queue or a Direct Dial? or if they belong to multiple queues would be unable to tell which one?