CID Manipulation per Outbound trunk


how would it be possible to change the CID per trunk in different formats?

My Problem. I´ve got an outbound zap trunk group g0 which is connected o an local Carrier over ISDn lines. This provider needs the CID in the Format maybe 78112345 to display the correct CID at the far end.

My VOIP Provider needs the CID send in Format like 4978112345 an the third provider like +4978112345 or 078112345 and so on…

For now i set the Outbound CID for every extension to the format 78112345 and my ISDN Carrier is happy. If calls go out trough my VOIp Carrier the CIS is suspressed. MY Problem ist that i can not set de default CID at the trunk configuration because every extension should show there own CID to the world :slight_smile:

Could someone give me an hint how i could get the CID extended with 49 if my call goes throug VOIP line. Maybe i need to set up an own outgoing extension to extensions_custom.conf where the 49 is added to the CID?

Thank for your help.



Sorry, I have no answer but I have the same problem.
How can it be solved ?

How can i resolved the serious problem regarding of connection traffic in each trunk line or within the zap line?

Your post is considered hijacking as it clearly has nothing to do with CID manipulation. So you have about a 3% chance of getting your question answered if you are lucky. Instead please start a new forum message as anybody willing to help with traffic issues will probably not be looking under a post about CID adjustments.