CID Lookup Cache Problem

I’ve setup a custom CID Lookup source on my webserver. It works perfectly. Only problem is that if I enable cache mode, the cache never seems to update. When I was setting it up, i did a test by putting my number CID to display as test. Now that I have it live, if I use cache mode it still shows the cached value of test. But if I turn cache off then it works. Is there a certain time when the cache updates? If not, I am wondering it might be better that I turn cache off, and code in a caching feature within my code.

Any advice?


It has been a while since I did anything with Caller ID Lookup, so my info might be a bit stale. AFAIK, CallerID Lookup caches entries to the Asterisk Phonebook (which you can browse with the FreePBX Asterisk Phonebook module). Since the APB is also an active user contact list, there is no automatic expiry of cached entries.

If you use CallerID Superfecta, it uses its own dedicated cache which does autoexpire entries after a user selectable number of days.