CID forwarding via text / email

Trunk providers generally don’t allow to forward caller ids. I am thinking of doing that via text/sms or email so off hours support knows who to call back.

Has anyone ever done that yet? Where would one put i.e. php’s mail() command?


better yet, asterisk has:
But then the old question emerges: How do I alter the dialplan without it being overwritten on each “apply changes”?


The SMS dialplan application doesn’t do what you think it might. It’s for SMS over traditional analog landlines on some telcos.


And I thought I could configure that with an sms gateway and we’re good to go.

I believe/remember you can run external code from the dialplan though?

You can execute AGIs which are external, or use System to execute something, yes.

SYSTEM it was! Thanks jcolp!
Where / in which context would I put that to fire on a call being forwarded to a misc destination?

ps coolish helmet! Is that from paragliding or road cycling?

I don’t speak FreePBX so can’t comment on that.

It’s a POC Ventral MIPS helmet for road cycling.

found it, they do it like

2367 [ext-miscdests]
2368 include => ext-miscdests-custom
2369 exten => 5,1,Noop(MiscDest: Daniel Mobil)
2370 exten => 5,n,Goto(from-internal,[...],1)

so I guess I just squeeze in:

exten => 5,n,System(echo "dear off hours support engineer, use " + CALLERID(num) + " to call back" | mail -s "use this to call back" "to@address")

(might not be how one concatenates in the dialplan though)

ps sounds like one that finally has little drag and sweat

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