Chosing which channels can be used for outgoing PSTN

Hi Guys

i have been going through lots of forums posts and have not found this answer yet.

basically i have installed Asterisk running perfectly can dial in have that going to my extension works like a charm. voice mail -> email working perfectly
Freepbx interface very cool but somewhat confusing on outgoing trunks and routes.

I have a Wildcard TDM400P 4 port card but port 1 is dodgy dont know why but i only have 3 lines so using 2 3 and 4 is not a problem.

So i need to tell Asterisk to use only ports 2 3 and 4 for placing outgoing calls.

Outbound routes in FreePBX interface has at bottom Trunk Sequence ZAP/g0 and Dial Pattern 9|. every time i try dial i hear “All circuits are busy now” which then switches to " The person you are calling is unavailable please try again"

This continues no matter what i try so after this. Voicemail another extension. just keep repeating this last line for a while then goes back to normal operation if i leave it for about a minute.

From the Asterisk CLI> type “dahdi show channels” (if using dahdi drivers) or “zap show channels”. This will tell you which ports are available. Each port is referred to as a channel in Asterisk. Port 1 is channel 1. You can group the channels into a trunk such as group 0 (g0).

When you create your outbound route, you can select g0 which will pick up the first available channel or you can enter the individual channel number: 1, 2, 3 or 4 by itself.

Here’s a webpage I wrote on setting up a zaptel pots line