Choppy Call in one way and only sometimes

Hello to all,
I have wierd problem at the customer. he has trunk to local provider with three channels (three simultaneous calls).

And sometimes happend that incomming call-stream (RX) is being choppy really hard. Doesn’t matter if customer calls or someone calls to customer.
I cought the tcpdum on FreePBX once and there I can see that incomming RTP pakets has really huge delay. So I naturally blame the provider, but he told that it’s all just fine on his side.

This provider also offer redirection service, so when problem mentioned above occurs, customer set this redirection to GSM GW, so all incomming calls to that provider’s trunk are being redirected to GSM on provider’s site and everything works fine.

But when customer set this redirection off after few days, trunk works two or three days OK and after that being started choppy again and still in that one way.

Has anyone had similar experience?
Any idea why this is happenning?

Have you done a sip show channelstats or pjsip show channelstats on the calls?

You need to figure out is it internal loss (asterisk to / from client) or (asterisk to SBC or phone co)

Thank you for reply.
From last visit I’ve putted Mikrotik between Provider´s router and my switch and capture data on this “probe” so FreePBX can not affect this collected data cause it captured before it hits the Asterisk.
And result is the same.
So I again claimed service to the provider and send him this collected data. Now he accept that and trying to fix it on his side.

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