Choosing Trunk based on extension with outbound routing


I am with a school that has 6 trunks and I want to set it up so that I have all of our schools in one instance of PBX and based on the school (extension) it uses a specific trunk. It looks like this is possible via COS, but i’m not sure how to do so.


The reason I ask is because there may be a simple way to do what you are asking about without having to maintain all six trunks.

We have schools that use specific trunks because of how our organization bills. So, they each have different SIP provider accounts with their own trunks.

If a range of extension numbers are assigned to each school, you can use the CallerID field of the Outbound Routes to select the proper trunk.

Example: School A has extensions in the range 200-299; school B uses 300-399. Set up one Outbound Route with CallerID 2XX and trunk A; another with 3XX and trunk B.

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You are referring to this field? See the red circled section.

Yes. If you put 2XX in that field, a call from extension 301 won’t match and the PBX will try the next Outbound Route, until one that matches is found. If no Outbound Route matches, the call will fail “Your call cannot be completed as dialed.”

However, be real careful with 911. You may have a requirement to identify the room number, etc.

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