Chnging default voicemail to have additional fallback/assigned DID

Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to configure FreePBX to spell out the Assigned DID of an extension if it has one. For example extension 400 has DID 8881234567 I would like it to instead of saying “The person at extension 4 0 0 is unavailable”, I would like it to say something like this “The person at 8 8 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 is unavailable”. I understand that the voicemail is broken up into sections play “The person at extension” then play digit 4, then play digit 0 then play digit 0 again. then play rest of sequence. What I am wondering is if I can change the first section of the sequence, and the end part of the sequence.

For example there are many solutions that would work.
For example if there was a way to change the first sequence and last sequence, and also change it to default to assigned DID when present instead of the extension.

Another example is to instead change the first sequence and last sequence and instead use 10 digit extensions (I’m not sure about all the drawbacks this would have).

A solution that I have considered (but it isn’t perfect), is to have a script generate an unavailable.wav file and busy.wav file that would sound out the digits and assign this to the extension in its voicemail folder. The real problem with this solution is that if the DID changes then you must also ensure to change the message as well… Also it won’t ask the user to record their own personal voicemail option.

Are there any recommended ways of doing this that way we can operate with DID’s dynamically so we don’t have to constantly change the message in order to handle when a DID changes?

Any thoughts on a better solution are much appreciated.

In the absence of busy,unavailable,no-answer recordings explicit to any extension, then that will be played, feel free to synthesize any such for those that don’t want to do that.

There is no direct association between DID’s and extensions, you would need to dynamically ‘script’ such changes

The association between DID’s and extensions is Inbound routes (as per what I am considering an associated pair). Irregardless, I am interesting in having a script that I can use to make the changes you are suggesting.
I’ll keep looking into how the voicemail works to see if I can understand (and maybe even reverse engineer) how it works so I can modify it with a script to produce the results I want.

Very simply, Comedian Mail, ONLY uses the content of /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf, there is no other complication. Any changes to that file will be reflected instantaneously in how voicemail behaves along with the content of your /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/* structure

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Hey Awesome, thanks dicko I see that. I really appreciate the time you saved me.

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