Checking ext Recording Settings via CLI

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First time poster here, but let me just dive in.

So I just discovered that some extensions are not recording for some reason.
I just wanted to make sure that I am checking all the extensions with the search I did.
I ran:
asterisk -rx “database show” | grep “out=On-Demand|in=On-Demand” and asterisk -rx “database show” | grep "out=Never|in=Never"
Is there any other config file I need to be checking to make sure I haven’t missed any?

Thanks in advance for the help. :slight_smile:

Edit: FreePBX version FreePBXFreePBX

If you want to record all calls you could route calls via a Force option.

Under Applications > Call Recording set a route to “force” and point your inbound route to this.

Thanks for this.

I think I will do this as well. Does it work the same for outbound routes as well?

Yes, if the option is set to Force on the outbound route all calls will be recorded that use that route.

Just to note if your users take sensitive data you might want to look at on demand recording so they can stop recording when taking credit card details for example, then resume the recording after. More information can be found on the wiki.

Awesome. Thanks for the help!